Monday, June 6, 2011

KCR: Red Phoenix by Larry Bond (novel, war)

Cover of "Red Phoenix"Cover of Red PhoenixLarry Bond helped Tom Clancy plot "Red Storm Rising" and basically help make Tom Clancy a household name after "Hunt for Red October" (when that book launched, it was only read by navy fans). Red Storm Rising is about a theoretical war between NATO and Warsaw Pact when USSR decided he needs to neutralize Europe in order to invade Iran for its oil. Somehow Larry Bond's name did not end up on the cover of that book. Larry Bond actually have military experience (in the Navy). So he wrote his own books.

Red Phoenix is about a theoretical invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Russia supports North Korea, and China decided to stay neutral. US have to ship in forces and fight alongside South Koreans. The action is great as it is in the same style of Red Storm Rising, that pioneered the rapid jump among various viewpoints at the local level. You get to experience the tank platoons fighting across the hills of Korea, the guards trying to repel the enemy commando attacks, the fighter pilots trying to wrestle air superiority, and the political intrigue behind the scenes in the Kremlin and in the Whitehouse.

If you like the style, it is a very good read.

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